The School will take place at the Anargyrion and Korgialenion School of Spetses (AKSS), on the beautiful Greek island of Spetses, at two hours' boat from the Athenian port of Piraeus.

Once a prestigious boarding school founded by the island's businessman and benefactor S. Anargyros, the AKSS Foundation is now a five neoclassical buildings' seafront complex that continues its educational mission through the hosting of international conferences, workshops and summer schools on different subjects, mainly scientific.

Building A contains the classroom that will be used for the School. Building C contains the recently refurbished single room in which participants will be accommodated. Accommodatation and lunch are included in the registration fees and are arranged automatically upon registration.

After the lectures, students will have immediate access to the AKSS's beautiful beach and sport facilities, which include basketball, football, tennis and volleyball courts (visible on photograph's background). The School's participants will also be able to enjoy sailing cruises, or even take sailing lessons, through the Yacht Club of Spetses, which is sponsored by the AKSS Foundation and operates on the AKSS's premises.


How to reach the AKSS

Bus X96 connects Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos to the Port of Piraeus. The journey from the Airport to Pireaus takes about 90 minutes and there is a bus every half an hour throughout most of the day (See Transport for Athens for departures times from and to the airport). The price of a one-way ticket is 6 euros.

The AKSS Foundation is at 1,4 km from the port of Spetses, connected to the port of Piraeus (Athens) by at least four boats back and forward every day. Two types of boats assure this connection: the Flying Dolphins (F/D) and the Flying Cats (F/C). The Flying Dolphins complete the journey in two and a half hours. The Flying Cats need half an hour more. The boat times for the period during which the School will take place are available on the Hellenic Seaways website.

The boats of greatest interest to the participants are probably the F/C leaving from Piraeus at 19:30 on Tuesday 27th August and the F/D leaving from Spetses at 13:00 on Thursday 5th September.